Pure Flix

Isabelle Johnson, Contributor

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Have you ever wanted to make sure everything that comes up as a choice to watch on television is appropriate for those kids you are babysitting? Well, I have recently discovered Pure Flix, which solves that problem!

It is a program similar to Netflix, but all the shows and movies are family friendly. This helps to keep the choices safe and ensures there is nothing you have to explain to parents. Pureflix has a variety of programs from movies to series. Many of the shows that are on this provider have been hits on television.

Like Netflix, you can watch Pure Flix on your phone, tablet, computer, or TV; all you need is an internet connection. In addition, the cost is very reasonable. You can choose to pay monthly for $10 or pay for an entire year for only $100 (save $20!).  Also, you can connect up to five devices on the same account and all can be watching different shows at the same time.

This is much less expensive than cable and much more family-friendly in the material that is being offered. Take a chance and sign up for their one month free to see if you would enjoy the shows they have to offer.