Therapy isn’t so bad

Photo: Tricycle Magazine

Photo: Tricycle Magazine

Linsey Austin, Contributor

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Often times, people have to go to therapy for many reasons. Whether you have relationship issues, challenges with change, eating disorders or body image issues, need motivation, or even academic issues, therapy is helpful.

During therapy, they ask questions and evaluate what you need and your progress. If you need medicine, than they will send you to get it. They help you solve your problems and help you deal with difficult or stressful situations.

Alot of people make therapy out to be stupid, useless, and scary. People think that you only go to therapy for just depression and anxiety, so there is a stigma that therapy means there is something wrong with you, though it just means that you need a bit of help with your mental health.

In conclusion, therapy really isnt that bad. Not everyone with mental issues needs it either. Sometimes some people just need someone to vent to or some extra help. Therapy isn’t that scary either. Therapy is just a way of venting and getting things off of your chest.