“Believer”: A Documentary on The Mormon LGBT Youth

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Provided by evolver.com

Hope Taylor, Contributor

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     Dan Reynolds, the lead singer of Imagine Dragons, was once a Mormon missionary. In his new documentary that premiered at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival, he states a new mission: to urge leaders of his faith to stop shaming their LGBT members.

     “I hope that Latter Day Saints president Russell M. Nelson, and the apostles take the time to watch this documentary, to see the faces, to hear the voices, to hear the stories, of these Mormon youth,” Reynolds told The Tribune earlier that Saturday.

     Advocates label same-sex Mormon couples “apostates” which are people who renounce religious or political beliefs or principles and say their children cannot be baptized or participate in other religious rites, which is harmful because kids are being ostracized because of their parent’s sexuality.

     “As long as those policies are still intact,” Reynolds said, “our LGBT youth still have high percentages of depression, anxiety, and suicide.” Last week, Gov. Gary Herbert made a task to examine the rising number of Utah teens taking their own lives. One possible cause often stated was the fear of being ostracized because of their sexual orientation.

     To make a long story short, Dan Reynolds is a large advocate for the LGBT community. Though not a member of the community, he does support LGBT youth and sees them from the inside out. Rather than judging them based on their sexuality, Reynolds seems them as individuals. Though this documentary, Reynolds encourages us all to be more compassionate towards these people rather than hate them for who they are.