Boosterthon Color-Run!

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Boosterthon Color-Run!

Linsey Austin, Contributor

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For the past two weeks, the Boosterthon team has been here at LLCS helping us raise money for a new scoreboard in the Gym. Boosterthon is a fundraiser company that allows the kids to have fun while helping the school raises money.

It was created 15 years ago by Chris Carneal and both the company and it’s employees embody five essential traits:

  • INTEGRITY–We do what’s right.
  • ENTHUSIASM–We positively engage people.
  • LEADERSHIP–We develop intentional leaders.
  • RESULTS–We do excellent work.
  • COMMUNITY–We celebrate and care for each other.

The great thing about Boosterthon is that teachers and administration don’t have to do anything for the fundraiser; a Boosterthin team comes to your school and runs the entire thing! To encourage participation, students earn different prizes such as a color holding headband and a snapback hat.

Our goal this year is to raise $15,000 and thus far we have raised almost $12,000! Donations will be accepted through the weekend and if we meet our goal, Mrs. Lang and Coach Johnson will dress-up like unicorns!